Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Feeling low - Check out Review of our Inspirational Read - The Juggernaut Within by Vivek Ishwar

I was thoroughly impressed by the author when I have read "Walk the Fire" by Vivek.    His thought process (while preparing that compact book) was delivered wonderfully. So I have decided to read the next book by the author. And when my friend informed me about Vivek's next release, I was excited. I grabbed the book within a week in it's released and here I am to discuss the same book "The Juggernaut Within"

As the title suggests, this book is more focused on how we can control our fears and unleash or full caliber. The author has started with barriers to our inner self, the ones which keep us at bay. Then he took those barriers one by one and showed how they affect us negatively. Following that comes ways to overcome such obstacles. He has taken the support of the law of abundance and law of scarcity for many topics, which I found novel. He has taken many examples from his life or his clients' experiences to explain his ideas. For readers, he has kept apt questions in each segment so that the reader can work out whether he should be concerned about said topic or not and how he should evaluate if he is concerned.

Good points about the book
1) A short book, if such books exceed a certain length then it becomes heavy.
2) Easy language. The simplicity of words make read smooth, especially self-help.
3) Support for examples & exercises (questions), without which self-help becomes a mere educational book.

Points of improvements
1) A few examples I found not sound enough to explain the said topic.
2) I was not able to align with all explanations of the law of scarcity & abundance.

Overall a good read to build your self-confidence and become a goal-oriented person.

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