Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Book review - WORK HARD-LY: A Cheat Guide to Success

During my childhood when I used to play 8-bit console games, I always wanted to know which cheat codes can make my game easy. I remember my dad telling me there are no cheat codes in life. You need to play the game of Life with proper rules. After 20 years those lines are still fresh in my mind. I never found cheat codes, yes but from time to time I kept finding guidelines to drive life organized or less stressful. Last month while window-shopping on Amazon I saw the latest releases of the month in self-help & professional life section, that is when I saw this peculiar title "Work Hard-ly - A Cheat Guide to Success". It instantly gripped my attention, I selected the book without delays.

"Work Hard-ly" is a micro read with less than 100 pages. The author Monica has listed down problems faced in day to day life by a normal person, problems such as office politics, appraisals, various etiquettes, smart working, balancing work life, etc. The content is filled with pointers and short narration/examples. It has a pictorial presentation to keep interest intact. "Time for an anecdote" sections give a boost to reading, just by digesting this you may achieve a lot. 

Good points about the book
1) to the point content
2) ample examples & anecdotes
3) simple language
4) figures for better understanding of topics
5) less theoretical
6) good choice for beginners

Ok concluding notes, I can say not cheat codes but the book contains tips for smooth professional life (chores 😂)

I will give 3.75 out of 5 to the book.

Book links - Goodreads & Amazon


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