Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Review - Bleak Hope: A Teenager's Collection of Poems

Even though I loathe self-help, I read that genre more often than poems. Due to its complex nature, you need more concentration & patience to read & digest poems. One or twice in a half year I take poetries because more than that I won't be able to give justice. But I think a book like "Bleak Hope" has increased my curiosity for the genre, I think I will work on the overall quota of poetry books now.

Another thing that I cannot comprehend was the fact that the poet is just a teenager. The vastness of her understanding of the world is visible in her poems. Coming to poems covered in the book, the poet (Anwesa) has taken some burning issues like humanity, violence, terrorism, human trafficking, pollution, rapes and many more and woven poems around the subject. She has used simple wordings so that her message can reach to even novice readers. The messages were clear and can show us the ground reality of today's world and situations. Poems that touched my heart are
1) House of ice breakdown 
2) Through a Child's eyes
3) See the Light
4) Stolen Childhood 

I liked the small image of a girl given on each page. Surprisingly I visualized that girl's emotion was set as per the tone of the poem, but in reality, the girl drawn has a natural posture. Talking about the selection of the title, I think the poet must have seen the severity of issues discussed in her poems, and unless God intervenes there are bleak possibilities of correcting/handling those issues. Well, this is my assumption, the actual reason may be different. Given a chance, I would like to know her reasons for the title.

For me, it is 4 out of 5 for these beautiful poems.

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  1. Hi, first of all thank you very much for your review and thank you for liking my book. You had a question about how I got an in depth knowledge of the world problems.Though I don't think I know a lot but 3 years ago when I was in grade 8, I started participating in Model United Nations (MUN) where I started knowing about world problems like environment destruction, refugee crisis, human trafficking, organ trafficking, narcotics, sustainable growth, refugee crisis etc.
    While doing all this the poems just came to me. I also write about things I see which affect me. On The Streets was written when I saw the homeless in San Francisco. I also volunteer at an orphanage and I have learned a lot from those children. I have learnt that though they have suffered a lot their spirit is indomitable. Hence I live in the hope that the human spirit will conquer . I hope I will be able to spread my message. House of Ice Breakdown, I have recorded as a song. Here is the link. hope you like it.



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